Vast integration capabilities

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A platform ready to be integrated with several systems

VisionAR is an open passive platform, ready to be integrated in 3 operating systems, whose resources and drivers are freely downloadable.

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Among the others, the touch command is one way to control VisionAR. The sensitive area is on the side of the frame and through that it’s possible to activate 4 main programmable functions (swipe forward, swipe backwards, tap and double tap)


The optical module is composed of a transparent display which uses a patented waveguide technology, with a monochromatic 8 bit light source and a holographic waveguide perfectly transparent for the human eye. The structure is ruggedized and reinforced for the industrial use.


Inside the glasses structure, on the bridge are included the passive inertial sensors: accelerometer XYZ, gyroscope and magnetometer. It’s included also an ambient light sensor.


Inside the bridge is included also a small electromagnetic motor which allows to set an haptic feedback for the operator: a useful and comfortable way to handle messages with no need for the operator to be distracted.

Expansion interfaces


Any accessory able to send/receive data and able to be powered through a USB standard 2.0 connection, is able to be integrated to VisionAR through the special expansion HUB on the bridge of the glasses. In this way it will be possible to connect additional sensors, lights, special cameras and of course the VisionAR Smart Camera.


This full color camera (5Mp) includes a Time of Flight sensor (TOF) which can be programmed to allow simple gesture control or to activate functions whenever the operator is approaching to something. There’s also a status RGB LED on top.



VisionAR has been designed in order to give the maximum flexibility possible. For this reason we are giving access to all the resources and drivers necessary to interact with the systems and apps in Windows 10, Linux and Android (6.0 or later). This means that VisionAR can work with any control unit, smartphone or computer which uses any of these OSs. Further below you will find the link to access the development portal where you will find all these resources.

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