Augmented Reality Safety Glasses

Risk assessment

Each company needs to make a risk assessment each time a new technology device is introduced. VisionAR is the only smart glasses in the world provided with safety certification and clinic certification following the best standards possible.


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See Through


With VisionAR, all information is available directly in the field of view of the user, who no longer has to look away from the activity and can read all important information at any time.


The display has a size and position that ensure the complete field of view to the user, a fundamental requirement to ensure maximum safety and to allow its use in the workplace, also thanks to this feature VisionAR has obtained certification as a safety device according to EN166 F and ANSI Z87.1 standards.


Other products on the market, have displays that cover part of the field of view or force the user to move his eyes and expose him to risks.

Monocromatic Lens


The user can comfortably and safely observe the data projected on the display. All the information is displayed thanks to a visual and monochromatic contrast that varies according to the external light and the surrounding environment.


The user does not have to focus his eyesight when he shifts his attention elsewhere. The information is projected with an infinite focus. This guarantees with maximum comfort: no stress to see up close or far away.


Thanks to its monochromatic representation and green colouring, VisonAR guarantees easy viewing of general information in any environment and lighting conditions. This technology was born in the military and aeronautical field and is considered the best solution on the market today for professional use.

Increased Robustness


Impact resistance is the fundamental requirement for the introduction of augmented reality glasses in a work environment. This feature must be proven by laboratory testing and certified to EN 166 F and ANSI Z87.1+ standards. 

VisionAR is a system composed of several parts engineered to withstand maximum stress, this means that not only the front lens is able to withstand impact, the display is also designed to ensure the highest robustness, 1 frame with 2 covers ensures maximum security in industrial environment.

Work Shift



VisionAR has been designed for professional use and therefore great importance has been given to the concept of the individual device, it means that all parts that are in direct contact with the user can be easily disconnected from the optical module. 


This feature allows a reduction of the investment, the company will be able to equip itself with a number of VisionAR to cover one shift by purchasing separately the frame element to be distributed to all operators of the other shifts.

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