Efficiency improved by 30%

The revolution in the picking process

VisionAR raises the efficiency and reduces the possible errors.

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Decreased picking time


The process of picking is one of the most common inside a company. Logistics, assembling, quality: many departments are dealing every single day with picking operations. This specific action is depending directly on the human factor: VisionAR can give a boost in this sense, by raising the efficiency and reducing the possible errors.


The picking operation can be done through a Bluetooth-connected external finger/hand-scanner or even the plug-in Smart Camera provided, to make the operation extremely simple. Having all the data under control directly on VisionAR display puts the operators in a whole new dimension in which there’s no risk of forgetting an operation or a code.

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The optical module is composed of a transparent display which uses a patented waveguide technology, with a monochromatic 8 bit light source and a holographic waveguide perfectly transparent for the human eye. The structure is ruggedized and reinforced for the industrial use.


Among the others, the touch command is one way to control VisionAR. The sensitive area is on the side of the frame and through that it’s possible to activate 4 main programmable functions (swipe forward, swipe backwards, tap and double tap)


The user does not have to focus his eyesight when he shifts his attention elsewhere. The information is projected with an infinite focus. This guarantees with maximum comfort: no stress to see up close or far away.

Operating System


VisionAR has been designed in order to give the maximum flexibility possible. For this reason we are giving access to all the resources and drivers necessary to interact with the systems and apps in Windows 10, Linux and Android (6.0 or later). This means that VisionAR can work with any control unit, smartphone or computer which uses any of these OSs.

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