The first and only smart glasses with safety and clinic certification

Are you experienced on smart glasses software development?

Have a look inside the future and join our VisionAR Partner Program (VIPP): we search for more and more partners to join our ecosystem and develop software and applications or to perform integrations on the first and only augmented reality safety glasses.

Discover the technical features


VisionAR is totally compatible with the 3 main operating systems used in professional and industrial environments: Windows, Linux and Android.


VisionAR can be driven by a variety of control units: smartphones, mini-pc, laptops, PDA or our industrial and ruggedized Control Unit VisionAR.

Development resources


Everything you need to start developing on VisionAR is freely available. Libraries, SDKs, drivers, development environments, demo apps, manuals: everything is easily accessible on our developer portal.

Why VisionAR quality?

It’s the first and only augmented reality safety glasses ready to work in totally safety and with higher accuracy.
The high standards of our production is supported also by:

  •  EN166 and ANSI Z87.1 industrial certifications
  •  Ergonomic design that allows to work in total relax, freely and in any manufacturing phase
  •  3-directions adjustable display

Join the VisionAR Partner Program (VIPP)

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