Fasten and more efficent instructions and checklists 

VisionAR improves significantly production quality and efficiency

VisionAR Augmented Reality Safety Glasses can provide major benefits in production management, assembling/production instructions, step-by-step procedures, process control. The introduction of VisionAR into the manufacturing world will improve significantly production quality and efficiency, minimizing the defects rate. 

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Real-time information


Integrating VisionAR with connected computers, IoT platforms and digital elements allows to reach results of specification compliance unreachable before and the possibility for the operator to work with free hands improves his safety.


Even a new and unexperienced employee can follow instructions and start producing with a new machine or a new procedure. The operator will concentrate on the AR projection only when it’s necessary.


Precise instructions directly on-site, reducing the error possibilities; always up-to-date instructions/information; standardized training to all employees; reduction of training time, hands-free operations and safety improved by using certified glasses.

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The optical module is composed of a transparent display which uses a patented waveguide technology, with a monochromatic 8 bit light source and a holographic waveguide perfectly transparent for the human eye. The structure is ruggedized and reinforced for the industrial use.


Among the others, the touch command is one way to control VisionAR. The sensitive area is on the side of the frame and through that it’s possible to activate 4 main programmable functions (swipe forward, swipe backwards, tap and double tap)


The user does not have to focus his eyesight when he shifts his attention elsewhere. The information is projected with an infinite focus. This guarantees with maximum comfort: no stress to see up close or far away.

Operating System


VisionAR has been designed in order to give the maximum flexibility possible. For this reason we are giving access to all the resources and drivers necessary to interact with the systems and apps in Windows 10, Linux and Android (6.0 or later). This means that VisionAR can work with any control unit, smartphone or computer which uses any of these OSs.


VisionAR can be ordered also with its native control unit, based on Linux OS and able to work also with Android 6.0. It’s an open, certified and ruggedized unit. Its battery allows a continuous use of min. 4 hours and can be replaced without switching off the unit (hot swap). There are also 4 programmable physical buttons. The unit has a belt fixing system.

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